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Those who have strong interest or/and experience in nano/micro-science/engineering/technology (in particular energy science and engineering) are encouraged to contact Prof. Yu. E-mail is the best way to reach Dr. Yu. Include your resume and a heading, [Ph.D. applicant], [M.S. applicant], or [undergraduate applicant] at the beginning of your email title.


Please clearly state the research topics you have in mind.


         Graduate students must have at least one of the following.

- Strong research interest in nano/micro-science/engineering (Most important)

- Fabrication and analysis skills of battery, thermoelectric, supercapacitor, piezoelectric materials

- Knowledge in solid state physics and nanoscale heat transfer

- Experience in material synthesis and characterization (TEM, SEM, XRD, AFM, etc.)

- Experience in organic (or polymer) composite synthesis and characterization

- Microfabrication and e-beam lithography skills (lithography, etc.)

         Undergraduate students (juniors or seniors)

- Please contact Prof. Yu if you want to have research experience in nanomaterials and nanotechnology for energy conversion and storage.


Last updated: 2014-July