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• Energy storage

- Supercapacitors: Thermally self-chargeable flexible energy storage

- Li-S batteries: High capacity and low-cost carbon nanotube sponge based batteries

- Li-Air batteries: Porous multi-dimensional carbon electrodes with solid electrolytes for stable and safe operation

• Energy conversion

- Thermoelectric energy harvesting and cooling: Flexible organic and inorganic material synthesis, characterization, device fabrication, and theoretical calculation

- Fuel cells: Microbial fuel cell and wastewater treatment

• Energy harvesting and storage for wearable electronics/sensors/actuators and IoT

• Soft robots capable of freeform motions: Actuator design, fabrication, and testing with ion polymer membrane composites

• Novel and facile energy-saving manufacturing of composite materials

• Water desalination membranes for reverse osmosis and pressure-retarded osmosis

• Thermal and electrical transport and thermal management


Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Texas A&M University 

College station, Texas 77843 USA


- Prof. Yu’s office:

321 Mechanical Engineering Office Building, Phone: 979-862-1073

- Lab 1:

419 James J. Cain ’51 Building  

- Lab 2:

429 James J. Cain ’51 Building  

- Student offices:

432 James J. Cain ’51 Building  

431 James J. Cain ’51 Building  


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